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Youth Tee "Underwater" (white print)

Youth Tee "Underwater" (white print)

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In today's history lesson, let's learn about all of the many Black thriving towns that were destroyed, burned to the ground and flooded with water to erase the violence against "Black progress". The remains still lay underwater and are now the home to many lakes, rivers and resevoirs. Central Park, NY and Delta Park, OR were not flooded however experienced the same brutal destruction of successful Black communities.

This tee is perfect for "Back to school" and it is strongly recommended for wear in the state of Florida.

Since the American education system refuses to teach truthful and real history, please feel free to research any of the listed lakes and resevoirs as well as the entire towns that were destroyed and hidden, in an attempt to hide them from history. The names listed in red represents two or more thriving towns that were destroyed...  

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