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Youth Tee "Slave Revolts" (black print)

Youth Tee "Slave Revolts" (black print)

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Slavery DID NOT benefit Black people. There are over 300 documented and undocumented revolts (rebellions against oppression) by enslaved Africans as a direct result of slave trading. Our tee begins with "869", the very first series of revolts recorded, The Zanj Rebellion, involving over 500,000 enslaved Africans (the Arab Slave Trade) that lasted over fifteen years and it ends with "1859" before the Emancipation Proclamation in 1865.


Next time you hear "We are not our ancestors", who were your ancestors? We were not cut from the same cloth because my ancestors faught with their lives for freedom.


This tee is perfect for "Back to school" and it is strongly recommended for wear in the state of Florida.


Since the American education system refuses to teach truthful and real history, please feel free to research the dates listed. The years listed in red represent years where multiple revolts were documented or revolts that lasted over a period of multiple years.  

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