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The Slay Pack by Celai West

The Slay Pack by Celai West

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Building self-esteem, self-worth and confidence in young tweens and teens is critical for success however too many youth have feelings of not being good enough, deal with pressure to meet personal & social expectations while having a lack of motivation & drive...and I would like to help change that! My Slay Packs aim to give youth the tools they need to empower themselves and boost their confidence because confident youth have the power to change the world!

My gender neutral Slay Packs focus solely on sending positive and age-appropriate messaging to youth, aged 5-15. Each pack and will include gifts with uplifting and powerful words to live by, a special bonus as well as an encouraging message from me.

These confidence-boosting gifts are a fun and simple way to take some early and first steps to help boys and girls not only feel great but also encourage them to engage, share and inspire others around them.

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