Social Activism: Using Tees For Change

Social Activism: Using Tees For Change

Celai West is no stranger to standing up to issues she feels strongly about and this young activist is at it again. This time, she's aiming to bring more awareness to protecting kids and not the pedos who victimize them. During quarantine, West has had plenty of time to watch informative documentaries and learn more about the things going on around her...and she was not happy about the things she saw.

Now that she's getting older, she wanted to tackle bigger issues while using her tee line,, as a tool for her activism. Along with the natural hair and stylish "chatty" tees, she wanted to also include social activism tees to help create awareness about certain issues.

"Just like how some people like to wear brand names on their shirts...well, I like to bring awareness to tough issues on my shirts." West went on to say "I'm an introvert so sometimes my activism isn't always loud and I want to show people that you can support, stand with and bring awareness to certain causes without saying a word. Instead, you can let your tee speak really loud!"

Despite losing hundreds of followers for this message, West says" Protecting kids is not political. It's a fact."

Celai is looking forward to adding more "chatty" tees to her website. All of her tees can be found here.

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