Celai West Just Launched CelaiAcademy.com!

Celai West Just Launched CelaiAcademy.com!

We are excited to announce that our CEO, Celai West has just launched Celai Academy

Celai will be teaching her best runway techniques, the tools she uses to boost her confidence and how to walk in heels. She will also be teaming up with mom, Linda Ligons-West, who will be hosting live, interactive workshops to help parents navigate the modeling industry, kids runway and well as tips to keep your kids safe!

Celai Academy also offers an iCelai Community, a safe and judgment-free space for youth, tween, teens and students to discuss challenges, mingle and learn the tools to help them feel better about themselves. 

But what about the parents? The iCelai Community is also open to students, parents and grand parents as a safe space to network and talk about frustrations they may be experiencing in the industry as well as resources. 

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