It's Not Really About Our Tees

It's Not Really About Our Tees

The other day, we were thumbing through all of our client images that were sent to us of them wearing their "chatty" tees. While we were excited to see our customers in our tees, something really struck a cord with me. There was something so specific that these customers expressed when they posted their pictures and it hit me like a ton a bricks. It's really not about our tees at all.

This obviously is the first business that Celai has started so we have been diligently working to make sure that she understood the importance of offering a quality product. Making sure she understood that we have to offer a product that is different and unique. Making sure she understood that we need to have a presentable website and offer great customer service, but now suddenly, it's not really about our tees at all.

The pride and confidence these customers had was something I understood oh so well however I was unable to describe it to Celai. It was something that was so familiar yet I was having the hardest time trying to put it into words that she could understand. As I was searching to find the perfect example that she would understand, I said "The look on their faces....It reminds me of the look on your face when you wear your 'chatty' tees." And in an instant, she knew. She knew exactly what I was trying to say. And there it was again....It's not about the tees. It's about the empowerment she feels when she's wearing the tee.....

That's why we do what we do...

(Client pictured above: @allyn_gordon)

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